Frequently Asked Questions

INMETRO Certification is the guarantee that the product meets the quality and safety specifications set forth in the standards required by Compulsory Regulation No. 145; that establishes the rules for the manufacture and commercialization of automotive components in the national territory. You can check our certification by clicking on our records. Click here.

Any component required by Regulation 145 must be certified and bear the INMETRO Seal and trademark. The manufacture, importation and sale of items required by Regulation 145 without certification, INMETRO’s registration and Seal is an offense punishable under Law No. 9,933 / 1999. In addition, the product under these conditions offers no guarantee of quality or safety to the consumer.

You can request the warranty through our distributors, technical promoters or directly from the factory by clicking here, DDG 0800 604 7499 or

Accessing our website click Here you can download our PDF application catalog with its latest updates. For access to the printed catalog consult one of our distributors.

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